'Zwanenburg Blue' Spiderwort

Tradescantia x 'Zwanenburg Blue'

Deep blue clusters with golden stamens on dark blue/green foliage, among the deepest blue found in the landscape.

Sunlight Exposure:Full SunPart SunFull Shade
Plant Attributes:Good For Wet SpotsU.S. Native

Plant Type(s): Perennial

Color(s): Blue, Purple

  • Plant Height: 14" - 16"
  • Plant Width: 16" - 18"
  • Hardy Zones: 4 - 8

Spring/Summer Care: Pinching encourages rebloom.

Autumn/Winter Care: Mow off dead foliage during winter.

Fertilizer Needs: No fertilizer needed.

'Zwanenburg Blue' Spiderwort