Centerton Nursery, Inc.

Serving independent garden centers and landscapers since 1974

Family Owned

The first piece of land that now holds Centerton Nursery was purchased by Ray and Marlene Blew in 1974. At the time, there was a 10'x10' hut (otherwise known as an office) and less than a dozen small greenhouses holding a few Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Ray's son Denny graduated college and joined the company in 1977. From there, the product line grew: first adding broadleaf evergreens, then flowering shrubs, and eventually perennials. Now in its fifth decade of operation, Centerton Nursery is owned and operated by three of Ray and Marlene's grandchildren: Donald, Bob, and Amy.

Strictly Independent

It's our firm belief that you will get no better experience and no better plants than what you will receive at an independent garden center. Throughout North America, we are blessed with these gems of our communities. These privately-owned stores are unique and special, informed and informative, helpful and caring. And because of these things, you won't find our brands in any box store. We're not saying box stores are bad. Great people and companies come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to products like ours, there is no place like an independent garden center!

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The People

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Ray & Marlene Blew

Our Founders (c. 1951)
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Donald Blew

President (c. 1980)
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Bob Blew

Vice President (c. 1981)
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Amy Ordog-Blew

VP of Sales (c. 1986)
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Bob, Amy, and Donald

Generation #3